New Book: The Kingdom of Heaven

Hello blog followers! I’m pleased to announce my newest project, a book that I wrote over the last year titled “The Kingdom of Heaven”. It’s a book based on dystopian concepts that I’ve had in mind for years, but with a new tonal shift. Years ago I imagined a world where all of humanity had been concentrated into one place, and totally separated from nature. It is ironic to me that the mainstream industrial idea of environmentalism involves preventing human contact with nature as much as possible, and to me this idea goes hand in hand with depopulationist and Malthusian viewpoints.

In the Settlement, mankind has been cordoned within four walls for almost five hundred years; and are ruled by a military corporation called Dynamic National Technologies, Incorporated (or DYNTEC). With no more worlds to conquer, DYNTEC has turned like an ingrown fingernail on its own citizens, branding them as Detractors if they question the goals or motives of their rulers.

Yet. For all this, the Settlement’s control is not absolute. Despite their claims to the contrary, there are still some surviving humans outside the walls of the Settlement, and it is these which our protagonist Alex is ordered to investigate when she comes to work for DYNTEC. By disguising herself as a refugee, Alex infiltrates this “primitive religious cult”, only to find they have been vastly mischaracterized by her superiors.

The Kingdom of Heaven is available to preorder here.

Pre-orders are necessary to help bring the book to publication! Please help me reach my goal of 750 copies sold (paperback or ebook). Sample chapters are also available at the link!

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