Commission Information

My standard commission rates are based on a non-commercial license. When you commission an artwork from me you automatically have the non-exclusive right to share it digitally on non-commercial web pages and social media. For print and commercial uses, as well as artwork related to books or creative projects that you are actively selling, or exclusive rights, other rates and terms apply. Email me at

Please see my Gallery for artwork examples.

What I Will/Won’t Draw

I will draw original characters, fantasy creatures, and animals. I love doing forests and natural backgrounds, dresses and loose clothing, hands, and I’m willing to give a crack at wings. No anthro. Violence is limited to my comfort level. No fetish or nsfw. I reserve the right to refuse to draw anything that I do not want to draw. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason without explanation.

I can also do animated gifs including blinking/flashing animations, and moving object point a > point b. Don’t be afraid to ask me if I can do something.

Standard Commission Rates

1 line character: $10
+ $7 every additional character
+ $3 wings or animal

1 flat color character: $15
+ $10 every additional character
+ $7 wings or animal

Rendered character/light and shadow: $25
+ $15 every additional character
+ $10 wings or animal

Solid color background: $0
Neutral painted background: $5
Forest/natural background: $30
City or complex other: Starting at $40

If the “animal” is your painting’s main subject, “Character” rates apply.

Hand + object painting or still life: Starting at $35
15 frame sketch animation: Starting at $25

Ask about anything not specified here: or use ask box!

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