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First 12 chapters available free, now funding on Inkshares. A woman employed by a futuristic intelligence agency is sent beyond the boundaries of civilization to take down a mysterious cult, but finds a world that challenges everything she thinks she knows.
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When the military High Command picks young initiate Daniel Grace out of the Science Division, he finds himself in a dangerous position. Placed as a spy in the court of Prince Ellatar Davarin, Daniel must find a way to close the hell-portal that threatens his planet while navigating a team of quirky misfits, a palace full of man-eating shapeshifters, and the pitfalls of True Love.
Most of the earth has been laid waste in nuclear war, but in the wilderness of Alaska, some humans cling to life. They’ve reverted to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, worshiping the remnants of their old society in a shamanic cargo cult. All hope of recovering the past seems lost. But there might be something nearby which could change all of that…
Published by Bewildering Stories:
A Solipsist’s Country

A search-and-rescue agent must take a deep dive into virtual reality to help a man who’s become lost in his own mind.
My Boyfriend is a Soulless Creature from Hell (And You Should Be Jealous)

Flower has always wanted a hot vampire boyfriend. But what’s a high school sophomore to do when her Edward Cullen turns out to be more like Bram Stoker’s Dracula? Parody.

She sang, and he drowned. Now she’s on the run from the law. After a wild night of illegal human-baiting, one of Mer’s friends is found dead, and the other is missing. Now Mer is being blamed for the murder. Not of the sailor—everybody knows humans aren’t people—but much worse; one of her fellow seafolk. Where can she hide except the surface? A webcomic. On hiatus.
A college class participates in a game of trust, suspicion, and betrayal. Every year, the teacher wins. But this time, one student intends to hijack human psychology and take home the prize. Based on true events.
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