DIY Faraday Case

A Faraday cage is a scientific concept invented by Michael Faraday in 1836. The purpose of such a “cage” is to trap radio waves by creating a literal cage around the source of the radio waves, formed by metal, which the waves cannot pass through. Depending on the size of the waves, a Faraday Cage can be made of literal bars of steel, a fine mesh, or just plain old sheet metal.

For example, aluminum foil.

Today I am going to show you how to make a simple, portable faraday cage for your phone! There are many reasons why you might want such a thing. For generations people have been using faraday cages to protect their electronics from the possibility of an EMP attack; for example, this is how big companies protect their server rooms.

In the case of the average person’s phone, there are more imminent threats. For example, government and corporate tracking, and malware/hackers. We know you can turn the location settings off, but who today doesn’t suspect malfeasance on the part of big tech? Scary. This case made of aluminum foil can keep your phone from receiving radio waves, GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth. That means your phone cannot ping off cell towers, send or receive data to anyone, connect to anyone else’s device via bluetooth, or be located with GPS. In fact, your phone might as well not exist. (Just keep in mind, if you use it, that you won’t know about your missed calls.)

I thought about making and selling these, but I quickly realized there wasn’t time. Everyone needs one of these as soon as possible, and I am not a giant factory. So for free I am going to give out the steps that I use to make them. You will need to purchase only 1 item that is not usually found in your house.


Make a small box like this, about the size of your phone, by cutting out two corners of the cereal box. It should be open at one end and closed at the other, like this.

Unroll aluminum foil, (you can use a craft knife to cut it down the middle, but leave a half inch buffer or so) and roll tightly so that it has 8 or more layers on all four sides.

Wrap in the bottom like a present and secure with tape. Secure all edges with tape.

Also tuck the top into the box. This example box only has 3 layers as you can see

Next make a small cardboard shape like this and secure with tape. This is the lid of your case and it is shaped like a cigarette case.

Cover it with 6-8 layers of aluminum foil on the inside. The width should be slightly larger than your box, but less than 1/2 inch wider so it is tight after the foil is added to both.

Next get out that faraday tape. It is sticky on both sides but the bottom side is more sticky

Cut and fold the edges of the tape in.

There is your case! It should open and shut like a cigarette case and be easy to take your phone in and out of. Be sure to test it manually by calling your phone on both cellular and Wifi. Wifi is the strongest signal and most difficult to block, so if the case can block wifi signal, you know that it will block weaker signals such as GPS and Bluetooth. Now remember to take it with you events like:

  • Church
  • Peaceful protests
  • Any gathering if contact tracing is installed on your phone
  • Any time you want to be off grid

I do not recommend to try and get this past the TSA; however, I can tell you from experience that you can fly with a faraday bag in your luggage if it is pressed flat.

Thank you for reading and please share with all privacy and liberty minded folks. The trap on government surveillance is being sprung as we speak and there will be records of everything you do. This is not a substitute for going into your phone’s settings and checking location permissions.

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