Book Release Today!

“The Kingdom of Heaven”, a Christian sci-fi/dystopia, releases today on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Alex is a restless new agent who’s spent her life being dragged down the path of least resistance and failing her way to the top. When she’s assigned a new job with Dynamic National Technologies, Incorporated, she’s promised an action-packed life of stopping crime, collaring evil Detractors, and committing espionage using cool guns and cool tech.

Inside the Settlement, a metropolitan enclave 20 by 20 miles square, everyone has an assigned role to play in working toward the ultimate survival of humanity, under the watchful eye of the Administrators. Outside the Wall, there is only a barren wasteland; a lifeless Earth destroyed by greed.

When DYNTEC sends Alex on a mission beyond the Wall to infiltrate a mysterious religious cult known as the “Kingdom of Heaven”, what she finds there will challenge everything she believes to be true. Ultimately she will be forced to reexamine her loyalties, and choose between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of Earth.

Christian sci-fi is already a little uncommon in the fiction world, but hopefully picking up steam. Though many dystopias are cautionary tales of a godless world, I always read these and ask myself where the Christians are. What are they doing? How are they holding up? It’s usually not the point of the story, but when you look at the world today you often need some encouragement in the face of the specter of absolute power and I thought, why not bring this to sci-fi, where we are already dealing with the kinds of things that might be possible in the world?

The Kingdom of Heaven is now available for purchase as a paperback and today for the first time also for instant purchase as an ebook. My personal recommendation of course is always to go low-tech and get yourself a hard copy. Own your stuff. Order today!

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