The Kingdom of Heaven on Barnes and Noble

Hello! For everyone who’s been following my blog and following the posted updates of the sample chapters, I wanted to let you know that the release date of the book, “The Kingdom of Heaven”, is April 18 2023, and the book is now available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble dot com! This is anContinue reading “The Kingdom of Heaven on Barnes and Noble”

Chapter 8: I Don’t Want To Shoot You

I learned to shoot a gun from the ground up. Cam wasn’t always alone in teaching me this; there were other instructors. One of them was a burly Sergeant named Jesse. He was a man in his 40’s with a receding hairline and a perpetual frown. I respected him, because he was the one whoContinue reading “Chapter 8: I Don’t Want To Shoot You”

Chapter 7: Detractive Impulses

          My Profile was clean because the juvenile records were sealed, not because I was never disciplined in school.           I was passive and compliant enough, but I couldn’t read minds like everybody else seemed to be able to do. It was hard, sometimes, to anticipate what they wanted. It was hard to choose languageContinue reading “Chapter 7: Detractive Impulses”

Chapter 6: The Deep End

          In a larger room on Level 11, Cam double-tapped a wide pane of glass.           This was the gym; one of the walls was mirrored and this time there were a few other DYNTEC employees around. Most of them were preoccupied with their own workout routine, doing push-ups, pull-ups, or lifting weights with variousContinue reading “Chapter 6: The Deep End”

Chapter Five: Jerked Down the Path of Least Resistance

          I was an only child. My parents’ Profiles and genome were clean enough to have a second, but like most people, they were dependent on the sizeable financial stipend issued for not doing so. They both worked, of course. They spent their lives devoted to the Settlement, and wished the same for me. Therefore,Continue reading “Chapter Five: Jerked Down the Path of Least Resistance”

Chapter Four: No More Worlds to Conquer

Every part of the Central building was largely the same in color and nature. Smooth, gray hallways led to smooth, black rooms. There were plenty of stairwells, but I chose the elevator. It was a seamless ride from the meeting rooms on Level 30, down to Level 12. At least Level 12 had windows. AtContinue reading “Chapter Four: No More Worlds to Conquer”

Chapter 3: The Theory of Relativity

“Alex.” I snapped to attention at my desk. I hadn’t been paying attention— had drifted off again into a daydream about trees, and a conservatory filled with lush greenery. The Educator raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I’ve missed the question.” “What is two plus two?” asked the Educator again. Two plus two? IContinue reading “Chapter 3: The Theory of Relativity”

Chapter Two: Jumping off the Job Ladder

“Alex.” The Administrator met my eyes, and I flinched. She was a gray woman, not just of hair, but of countenance. Her entire appearance, from the starched legs of her pantsuit to her straight shoulders to her bloodless lips, was like marble; but her eyes were only nearly gray. They were the icy, bleached blueContinue reading “Chapter Two: Jumping off the Job Ladder”

Chapter 1: The Tree

          I saw a tree, once.           I was ten years old. We lived on the first floor of a tenement building—my mother, my father, and I. I could see it from my bedroom, which had a window into an alleyway. A little helicoptering seed had blown over the walls and into a dirt-filled crackContinue reading “Chapter 1: The Tree”