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  • author: John Bunyan name: Evelyn average rating: 4.01 book published: 1684 rating: 0 read at: date added: 2022/07/29 shelves: currently-reading review:
  • author: Daphne du Maurier name: Evelyn average rating: 4.27 book published: 1938 rating: 3 read at: 2022/07/29 date added: 2022/07/29 shelves: review: A creepy tale that reads remarkably well for its age. Also set later than expected for Gothic fiction. I was surprised whenever the characters would get into […]
  • author: Mario Beauregard name: Evelyn average rating: 3.60 book published: 2007 rating: 4 read at: 2022/07/11 date added: 2022/07/11 shelves: review: Amazingly fresh insights that I can't believe I've never seen compiled before. Research that should have been done decades ago.Yes, the authors are evolutionists and deists, by no […]
  • author: Shel Silverstein name: Evelyn average rating: 4.37 book published: 1964 rating: 0 read at: date added: 2022/07/03 shelves: children-s-books review:
  • author: Susan Fletcher name: Evelyn average rating: 3.88 book published: 1989 rating: 4 read at: 2022/06/16 date added: 2022/06/16 shelves: review: Would have gone over better with another title! Should have been called "The Dracling's Kyn" or something like that. Excellent little niche fantasy and honestly I'm using it […]
  • author: Kathryn Lasky name: Evelyn average rating: 3.92 book published: 2003 rating: 4 read at: date added: 2022/05/27 shelves: review: Didn't read this as a child, which everyone else seems to have done. It's quite wholesome. The description compares it to Redwall or Watership Down, I'd say it's more […]
  • author: Brandon Sanderson name: Evelyn average rating: 4.58 book published: 2017 rating: 5 read at: 2022/05/13 date added: 2022/05/13 shelves: review: Excellent book.
  • author: Wilson Rawls name: Evelyn average rating: 4.09 book published: 1961 rating: 5 read at: date added: 2022/04/01 shelves: review:
  • author: William Shakespeare name: Evelyn average rating: 3.74 book published: 1597 rating: 5 read at: date added: 2022/04/01 shelves: classics review:
  • author: Susanna Clarke name: Evelyn average rating: 3.82 book published: 2004 rating: 0 read at: date added: 2022/04/01 shelves: to-read review:
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